Monday, January 26, 2009


Bring it on.
Will be posting some more soon...

Agent skully

This is one of my favorites.


Again just havn fun.

Bark at the Moon

Wolf 2

Wolfy 1

The next couple were done in the same time frame as i did Mosferatu & Girl Mummy. Was going for video game character look. Simple but cool lookin.

I am Zombie



Gonna post my previous sketches before I start making some new ones in the coming days.. My style has freed up alot in some areas but when I was making this one I was...don't know what I was thinking, Ode to the Merman perhaps. Why do the mermaids get all the press?...Oh yeah, I know why

Mummy Returns (Daddy)

Nasty overbite...

The Host

Angel Warrior


I knew him well.


So this guy is just meant to scare you. When I was drawing him I started to scare myself I think. This was the point where I really started to think outside the box.


Tiny Dancer


This next few are going to be characters I created a while back. I tend to lean towards darker territory as you will see but that doesn't mean it can't be fun either.

Rokr Penguin

So this is the 1st entry & my latest project. He was designed for a client of mine called Planet 66. They always ask me to do an endangered animal which I think is a great idea to promote awareness for the cause.
This guy is all Illustrator drawn over the original jpeg of the penguin. Afterward I added the bling which I think took it to another level.
Enjoy, much more to come...